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Online School Payment Information
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Saturday, July 30, 2016
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eSchool Payments is a terrific online resource that allows parents a quick, convenient way to pay any charges that are due the school. Just what are the benefits? 

Parent Benefits:

Access the system anytime/anywhere to make payments.

Eliminate the need for students to bring cash or checks to school.

Provide electronic receipts for the parents to keep for their records.

Easy to use:

Before visiting the site, middle & high school students will need to have their fee statement showing which fees are due. You may have additional information from a club sponsor or athletic coach with regards to other fees that can be paid online.

Select this link to eSchool Payments.

Complete the Student/Parent Information section.

Please use the student’s legal name.

Enter Student ID is 10 digit State ID (can be obtained from school office personnel or from student's iNOW account).

Proceed to Classroom Items and click on the fees/items you want to pay. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Union Pay are accepted.  A credit card processing convenience fee will be added to your total.

Now you are ready to proceed to the Payment section and follow the prompts.

Click Here for eSchool Payment Instructions.

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